Free Run Cellars was designed as a haven for wine experts and novices alike. Lush vineyards beckon those drawn to nature’s allure, while an intimate setting invites guests into an atmosphere designed for indulgence. Here our winemaker Brian Carlson, culinary director Ryan Thornburg and CEO Matt Moersch have “free run” to create the food and wine pairings that pique the palate and inspire the senses.

But Free Run doesn’t just represent their veritable playground. It is also the term for the first juice to come from grapes before they are pressed. It’s the deliciousness that flows as the grape skins burst from the pressure of their own weight on top of each other. As you can imagine, free-run juice is limited and considered to be the best of the best—and that’s exactly why it’s the namesake of this unique spot in Southwest Michigan wine country.

At Free Run, we are proud to offer small-batch wines and seasonal fare you won’t find anywhere else. We are firm believers in quality over quantity, from the wines to the intimate setting in which they are served. One taste and we know you’ll become a believer too.



We are a family bounded by a passion for life’s finest pleasures – great food and fine wine. Farmers by trade, we know what it means to cultivate sustainable ingredients and relationships. For more than 30 years, we have been creating the best wine, craft beer and spirits in Southwest Michigan. Paired with epicurean flavors inspired by farm-to-table freshness, we’re behind four concepts you may already know and love: Free Run Cellars, Tabor Hill Winery and Restaurant, Round Barn Winery and Public House.